update | 10.12.2020

Why mono.

B.A. in Fine Arts, sparse involvement in programming (with more excitement than actual knowledge), photography, and more than 15 years of experience in Graphic Design for print and interactive media, alarming caffeine deposits, troubleshooting migraines and dots per pixel, unavoidably make you see the world through a pair of creative and IT goggles, although the opthalmologist persists that it's just severe hyperopia.

Oh, sorry, "mono" because it's the Greek* equivalent of "only" and as it turns out with the specific vision impairment, everything is perceived (visually?) in graphics terms. Or, the heck with it, just a 90's left over way of trying to look creative in saying "just" graphics.


Nick "strange name" Delhanidis






(*) goes without saying i guess
my relation with this part of the world